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Checklist to observe as a client on post4solution

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Searching for a professional to get a job or project done should be convenient and easy for customers. To make this so we have created this checklist to make your journey easier for you.


1. Be credit ready

It is important to have some credit savings in case of an emergency and you need it most. With enough credits in your wallet, you can use such to make membership purchases, escrow payments (to pay freelancers for the job done) and purchase add-Ons. You can easily add credits to your wallet here


2. Extension planning

If you posted a project that has a deadline of more than a month you will need to extend the subscription by the respective number of months that can accommodate it. It is required that you plan and make a budget for that, and you are credit ready. Renewals can be carried out manually each month after a subscription expires. (e.g., If you have a project with a deadline in 2 months’ time you will need to plan a membership subscription for 2 months, each month subsequently, if you have a project with a deadline of 2 months and 3 days’ time you plan a membership subscription for 3 months, each month subsequently)



3. Computer & internet ready

Get an internet-ready computer ready to enable you to work conveniently



4. An active membership subscription

Get ready for business with an active subscription. You can easily do this here



5. Keep and maintain a record book

Make an accurate personal record of your transactions on post4solution. May come in handy when you need it.



This prepared checklist when applied gets a customer prepared for business, engagement before work starts.


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