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Checklist to observe as a freelancer on post4solution

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Everyone needs to get ready when a journey is about to begin, it needs planning or maybe with appropriate items to carry for the journey or getting enough rest for the journey. A checklist of what you need makes your journey faster and cost-effective. Here at post4solution a freelancer’s journey to business success requires applying this checklist.


1. Be credit ready

It is important to have some credit savings in case of an emergency and when you will need it most. . With enough credits in your wallet, you can use such to make membership purchases in no time. You can easily add credits to your wallet here


2. Having a user profile description and photo

It’s important you have a user profile so that potential customers identify you as human. Customers expect you to have a photo and a profile description. If as a freelancer you do not do this, customers will not be keen on hiring you. You can easily add a user profile here.


3. Bank transfer information

You will need to save your bank account information to receive payments for jobs done satisfactorily. You can easily do this here


4. Job alert subscription

Never miss out when jobs in your area(s) of interest are posted on post4solution, with the job alert service. You will be instantly alerted whenever a job category of interest is posted on this site. This service will require an active membership subscription. You can easily subscribe to the job alert service here


5. Computer & internet ready

Get an internet-ready computer ready to enable you to work conveniently


6. An active membership subscription

Use the job alert service, submit proposals & get ready for business with an active subscription. You can easily do this here


7. Keep and maintain a record book

Make an accurate personal record of your transactions on post4solution. May come in handy when you need it.


This prepared checklist when applied should get a freelancer prepared for business and engagement when work starts.




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