Find accountant jobs online in Nigeria using post4solution

Find accountant jobs online in Nigeria using post4solution


Get insight on how to find accountant   jobs online in Nigeria using post4solution. Do you need  clients for your  accountant business ? Work on a scheduled time on your most important projects ? Do you need a convenient platform  to show case your skills and services ? Look no further. Post4solution is a freelance job site based in Nigeria and for Nigerians. You can take advantage of the services we offer and use such to find accountant jobs via the platform.  . Here is how to find accountant jobs online in Nigeria using post4solution



Procedure to find accountant jobs using post4solution







Update your profile


Update your profile info here.








Enter your bank transfer details


Enter in your bank transfer details here. ( To enable you receive payment for service rendered )







View jobs posted and make a selection


View jobs that have been posted on post4solution . View recent jobs at the project search link here.. Select the one(s)  you are interested in, you can contact the customer or send a proposal.







Wait for the customer


Try your best and be patient. A customer interested will contact you and you discuss fully on the details of the project.







Get Selected


When you have been selected for the job you will be notified via email.







Proceed with the work


Proceed with the work as discussed with your customer.







Customer pays in the money


The customer pays  the money in the escrow. (This money will be kept there till the job has been completed satisfactorily.) For more info on how this works please click here.









Complete the job


Complete the job and notify the customer using the platform.








The customer inspects the job


The customer inspects the job to see if it was completed accordingly.









Customer releases the escrow


If satisfied, the customer releases the money from the escrow to your wallet








Cash your money


Cash your money via the ATM and enjoy it !








Not your lucky day ?


Not your lucky day ? Please read our article on how to attract customers here. If you have not gotten a job yet but you  subscribed for our email job notification service ,you will receive a job alert any time a project is posted in your interest area so you do not miss out  on job postings. Do this while we work behind the scenes to improve job listing performance.  With these set of instructions  carried out you have been optimized for the finding accountant jobs process on post4solution , Good luck to you !


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