Hire a generator repair technician online using post4solution

 Hire a generator repair technician online in Nigeria using post4solution


        Get insight on how to hire a  generator repair technician  online in Nigeria using post4solution. Post4solution is a freelance job site in Nigeria that connects customers with freelance experts . Need assistance of a generator repair technician ? Do you have projects as regards hiring a generator repair technician  on the board table ? Post4solution can help you source for a generator repair technician that can assist you with your tasking work  . Post4solutions  intention is to build a generator repair technician search engine and marketplace to make it easy for Nigerians to hire generator repair technicians . Written below describes how to hire a generator repair technician online in Nigeria using post4solution  :


Procedure for posting your project on post4solution


  1. Visit www.post4solution.com .
  2. Register- You can do this  here
  3. Login here- You can do this here
  4. After logging in , if your registration details was found in your spam folder of your email, please move it to your inbox so you easily do not miss out on anything concerning info from post4solution
  5. Visit the home page – do this here
  6. Click the post a project button
  7. Here it will tell you your membership is expired. Click the link to proceed. If you don’t have a membership you can activate a free trial there
  8. When your trial is activated click the post new link.
  9. You will be directed to the project listing page
  10. Fill in your project details
  11. After filling in, you will directed to the “add-on” page. Select an add-on of your choice , if you are not interested in purchasing an add-on proceed to the next page.   For a better understanding of “add-on’s”  visit the user manual page for more info
  12. If you have selected and want to pay for any of the add-on’s , click “pay by voguepay” – to make a purchase using your debit /ATM card . Alternatively  you can pay using credit by clicking  here.  Never click or use   “PAY BY CREDIT”  unless you  have sufficient credits in your wallet to do so
  13. You are good to go .
  14. Your project will be posted within 24hrs after moderation.


Generator repair technicians on post4solution are instantly notified


After posting your project on post4solution. Post4solution instantly alerts  generator repair technicians on our notification services via email. Interested  generator repair technicians will  either contact you  or submit a proposal to you.


Maintain an ongoing communication


Maintain an on going communication with different generator repair technicians using our private messaging service or by phone using our by-pass permit.. You can also contact generator repair technicians on your own using our service provider search service.


Select your generator repair technician of choice


You can now select the  generator repair technician that meets your requirements.


Pay the agreed fee


Pay in the agreed fee between you and the  generator repair technician to the escrow. The money will be kept in an there until the job is finished.


Get the job done


The  generator repair technician  gets the job done and notifies you via our platform.


Pay the  generator repair technician


You can inspect his/her work, and if you are satisfied you  need to transfer the money from the escrow to the generator repair technicians account. If you are not satisfied the fees will be returned back to you.


Enjoy the completed service/job


The  generator repair technician receives his fees ,get your hands on the completed job/service and enjoy it !

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