Hiring summary

We match freelance professionals with clients that need their services. For example a client can post this job -” I need the services of a wordpress developer to create a dating theme for me”. Our job alert service matches it’s subscribed freelancers  that fit into the category of the job posted and notifies them about the new job posted. Interested freelance professionals may contact, engage the client and submit proposals until a job winner is selected. When the job is satisfactorily executed the job winner is paid.


Step 1.

The client posts a job

Step 2.

Interested Professionals contact , engage the client and submit proposals

Step 3.

Client selects a job winner from the proposal/bidding list

Step 4.

The job winner is automatically notified and goes straight to work

Step 5.

Client pays in the job winners fees into an escrow

Step 6.

The job winner completes and delivers the job satisfactorily

Step 7.

The money (credit) is released from the escrow to the job winners wallet

Step 8.

The job winner makes a request for a cash withdrawal from available credit in the wallet

Step 9.

An available amount of money in the wallet requested for is transfered into the job winners bank account

Step 10.

Job winner cashes out via an ATM Card



How do you hire a professional or freelancer?

You can source professional talent on Post4solution by following these three steps:

  • Write a project description.

    You’ll want to determine your scope of work and the skills and requirements you are looking for in the professional or freelancer.

  • Post it on Post4solution. .

    Once you’ve written a project description, post it to Post4solution. Simply follow the prompts to help you input the information you collected to scope out your project. You can post a job by clicking here after logging in.

  • Shortlist and interview professionals.

    Once the proposals start coming in, create a shortlist of the freelancers you want to interview.

Of these three steps, your project description is where you determine the scope of work and the specific type of professional you need to complete the project.







(Clients): Post a project to start receiving proposals

Freelancers can help you update your website, design your logo, dry clean your clothes, develop your mobile app, market your product, teach, write articles, and much more! The question here is what do you need done?

  • Describe what you need

    Describe what type of professional you are looking for and specify your budget.

  • Receive bids

    Professionals will read your project and start sending proposals.



Post your project or job now


Contact professionals and select the best fit

Choose the professional you want to work with and agree on the rates.

  • Review profiles

    Evaluate candidates by viewing their portfolios and ratings to get to know them better.

  • Chat in real time

    Contact professionals and determine who the best fit is.


Pay securely with Post4solution payment protection

Once you’ve selected a freelancer, pay for the total amount of the project. Post4solution will hold the funds in escrow until the project is completed.

 Payment options

Credit or debit card,  Bank deposit / Transfer, Voguepay wallet.

Escrow service

Your money is held in escrow until you decide to release the funds to the freelancer.

Payment protection

If the professional does not complete the work, your money is refunded.


The professional delivers the job

The professional completes the project and delivers on time.

Communicate with the professional

Each project has an online workspace that you can use to contact the professional at any time.

Send and receive files

The professional will send you files via the platform, in a private and secure environment.

Send feedback

Use our chat, messaging to maintain an ongoing communication.


Receive the completed project
on time

If you are satisfied with the completed work, the funds will be released to the professional.

Assess the work done

Once you approve it, the professional will receive payment.

Rate the professional

Give a rating based on your experience.

Are you satisfied?

You can continue working with the same professional or create a new project.

(Professional): Find projects that match your skills

Post4solution gives you the opportunity to do the jobs that you like . You manage your career.

  • Create your profile as a professional

    Describe your skills, detail your areas of expertise and include your portfolio.


  • Be notified by email any time a project is posted in your interest area

You can also sign up for categories of projects you are interested in  and receive email notifications when a                          project is posted in your interest area via your personal info ( Profile )


  • Enter in your bank account transfer information .

You can set your bank account details here to receive payment via your bank account .


  • Find projects

    Look for available projects here, review budgets and consider deadlines.


  • Discover opportunities

    There are  projects matching your skills, experience and expectations.


Create Your Profile


Send proposals to employers

Post4solution helps you get employers and grow your business or professional career.

  • Set your rates

    Post4solution allows you to negotiate your rates with the employer.

  • Manage your time

    Discuss deadlines and conditions.



Work freely and efficiently

Each project has an online workspace that you can use to contact the employer at any time.


Work remotely

From anywhere . You manage when and how you work.


Send and receive files

Send files to your employers via the platform, in a private and secure environment.


Receive feedback

Use our chat, messaging services to maintain an ongoing communication.




Get paid on time

Post4solution protects your work and saves you from the hassle of getting your employers to pay.


Payment protection

The employer deposits the funds on his account called an escrow . Once you have completed the job, and the job is satisfactorily done or delivered to the customer, the funds are released to your account by the employer.


Withdrawal options

Voguepay , bank deposit & transfer


Learn more !

At post4solution, employers post projects and professionals submit proposals. At the end of the project, the employers award the project or job to the service provider  of choice from the proposal list. All these topped up by some great tools like the private messages, so users can communicate and share files between each other. It comes with great features which includes :




  • Email Notifications

All users get email notifications, when they bid, they get outbid, when they get new proposals posted for their project or when they receive private messages. Post4solution sends email notifications for professionals, when they have received payments for their work. The best feature here: professionals can signup for certain categories and they can get an email notification when a project is posted in their interest area.


  • Credit System

Users buy virtual cash and use the cash to pay for the projects, membership fees,  to submit proposals for projects, or to list new projects/tasks. Users can pay for the tasks with the credit and the paid members can withdraw the amount they earned.


  • Pay As You Go

To submit proposals you are required to make a payment. For details, visit our pricing page. For info on how to fund your wallet (finances) click  here


  • Post New Projects, Chores , Tasks or Jobs

Do you need solutions as regards  a task, chore ,project or job ? Logged in users can post projects, chores, tasks or jobs and connect with professionals to get it executed by clicking the post new  button


  • Professional User Profiles

Each professional user has his own profile with overview information, received feedback’s, stats about their activity and portfolio pictures. Before they can bid the projects the professionals can enhance their chance to win a project by having a complete user profile. Also each user has an avatar icon which they can define from their account. You can create a user profile when logged in by clicking here


  • Digital Goods

Professionals and employers can exchange digital downloadable files. Through this feature , we have a professional marketplace website for the IT business, where people exchange files and complete the project. You can attach office files, zip and rar archives, or vector format images.


  • Feedback and Rating System

Professionals rate each other after each completed project and each user has his own general feedback for the other users to see. Then the rating of each user is displayed next to their username by little 5 star rating icons. Also the rating is displayed in user profile and in bidding tables.


  • Messaging system

Helps professionals and employers, to better communicate.


  • Escrow Feature

With the credit system there is also an escrow feature that comes with  Post4solution. The idea is the project owner will deposit virtual money into escrow for the bid winner, until he completes the project. After that the escrow is released. And the bid winner, will have the funds in his account, ready for requesting a withdrawal from post4solution


  • Milestone payment 

At the time of ordering a service, employers must provide funds equivalent to the total service price. The payment is protected by our Milestone Payment System. we only release the payment once the employer is 100% happy with the work that has been delivered.


  • Zip/Postcode radius based search

Another great feature of our site  is that users can search for an item based on an address, or zip/post code, and on a given radius (miles or km). This feature is based on Google’s geo coordinates and results display on a map in the search page. So we have a location based professional marketplace website.



  • Workspaces

After a project is assigned to a professional, both participants, employer and professional, get access to a unique Workspace were they can both manage the project. It acts like the core hub for a project were all the related information can be accessed and managed.



  • Spread the word and earn :

Earn when people post projects and submit proposals on post4solution via our “spread the word and earn “ program . The program is free and open to all users. Here you refer others to our site and get paid a percentage  of monies they spend on post4solution. Learn more about our spread the word and earn program here



  • Bank payment and transfer service :

Here you can fill in your bank account transfer details  to receive payment as a professional or affiliate . You need to  register, login and visit the bank transfer page  here.


  • User Manual

A user manual is available and updated for users here.  Please note this will be updated gradually  and if you have topics in mind not listed there , please contact us to assist you and create a topic as regards whats not listed.



  • Contact form

Need some help with something ? A contact form is available here to help you all the way .  Keep us posted by sending us a mail for your queries. Our support team is ready to assist you all the way