How to attract customers as a freelancer on post4solution


To win jobs freelancers need to stand out from the rest. Customers are interested in who can do the job most conveniently. Listed below are factors that will attract customers to freelancers while searching or communicating on post4solution





Here are factors that a customer will consider before hiring:



Error Free Profile Description

A complete user profile is needed. Get your profile completed describing your skills in the description box. Ensure that your profile description is error free.

Preferable Location

Specify your location for physically demanding jobs. For example, if you are a laptop technician in Osun state and the customer is located in Lagos. It’s most likely the customer will hire someone else in Lagos. To attract customers from a particular location, specify the location in the profile description.


Ability to Understand your customers’ needs

Grasp the needs of an employer while engaging in a conversation. The faster, the better



Be confident in your approach. A customer or employer needs one he can feel secure with.


Offer at a Fair Price

Try to offer a reasonable fee for a job well done otherwise a customer will avoid hiring you when you submit a proposal.


Deliver Satisfactorily

Consider providing satisfactory services first. This will not only impress customers but improve your ratings, it will also prove your reliability and this will attract more employers looking for top-rated experts. Also, customers are likely to hire you again.


Have A Portfolio

To easily get more noticed you need to provide awesome samples of your previous work to customers


 Certificate From a Recognized Institution

Though a freelance site emphasizes one’s expertise and requires your skill set, a certificate from a recognized institute in addition to your skill set can be an added advantage as regards the employer making you a selection.


A Profile Photo

Uploading a confident profile picture enhances your chances of being selected. Also adding a picture makes your profile human compared with one without one.



If you are a fresher or newbie and you use the   platform, when many freelancers are bidding for a project, to increase your chances of a being the job winner you can choose to offer your services below the average price with a satisfactory completion & delivery to enable you improve your selection chances, portfolio and ratings.  employers go through the provider search to look for capable freelance professionals.


Compliance With Site Regulations

Ensure you understand and you are in accordance with the rules governing our site. It’s important you note this. You are likely to be suspended if you bypass site regulations


True To Your Words

Ensure you stick to completion as stated.


Faster Delivery

Impress your customer by completing the job earlier than the agreed time, satisfactorily. A happy customer is likely to come back for more


Cut It Short

While communicating do not go telling stories generating a mental workload of thoughts for your customer. Get your message out in understanding that time is a scarce and powerful resource.


Positive Impression

Your grammar matters. Try to avoid errors in your grammatical expression while communicating with an employer. Give an educated impression of yourself.



With many years of experience employing your skills and jobs done satisfactorily for customers, you are more likely to get the attention of a customer than one without.


Number of positive reviews

Customers are attracted to freelancers with a high number of positive reviews. In your path of working here, aim for your customer’s convenience and satisfaction. You are more likely to be selected for a job with positive reviews when compared with one without.

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