How to attract customers as a freelancer on a freelance job website

Many freelancers rush to freelance websites looking for freelance job opportunities but not all can be selected to work at the same time. The contractors are interested on who can do the job most conveniently . Here is how to attract customers as a freelancer on a freelance job website


There are factors a customer will consider before hiring :

  • A complete user profile  is needed. Get your profile completed by showcasing your skills in the description box.
  • Ensure that your profile statement can be understood by an employer. Avoid errors in your in your grammatical expression.
  • Try to offer a reasonable fee for the job otherwise an employer will avoid hiring you when you submit a proposal.
  • Consider to provide satisfactory services first . This will not only improve your ratings ,it will also prove your reliability  and this will attract more employers looking for top rated experts
  • To easily get hired you may need to provide samples of your previous work to employers.
  • Though  a freelance site emphasizes and requires your skill set , however a certificate from a recognized institute in addition to your  skill set can be an added advantage as regards the employer making a selection.
  • Uploading your profile picture enhances your chances of being selected. It makes your profile human than one without a photo.
  • If you are a fresher or newbie and you use the freelance  platform where many freelancers are bidding for a project that they are interested in  ,to increase your chances of a selection you can choose to offer your services for free just to improve your portfolio,  ratings &  reliability. Remember that employers  go through the records to look for capable  freelancers.
  • Ensure you understand and you are in accordance with the rules governing any freelance website your using. It’s  important you note this.
  • Ensure you stick to the time before a project expires . Ensure the project is satisfactorily delivered on schedule
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