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How to contact a client on post4solution.

If you have registered, signed-in, see a job you are interested in and you want to contact the customer. Here are the rules to be strictly observed:


The rules are-

  1. You require an active membership subscription to contact a client. (Messages will pass through a moderator. If you do not have an active membership subscription, messages will not be delivered)
  2. You should never disclose, send or share contact information in your messages
  3. Messages with suspicious or malicious undertone will not pass moderation.
  4. Spam will not pass moderation.
  5. Contacting a client with an expired job will not pass moderation



A recommended way to contact a client is to submit a proposal. A client wants applicants to apply and wants everything together in one place.  If you have a question to ask a client, you can ask the question in your proposal and wait for the client’s reply.


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