How to fund your wallet (finances) with credits


When you  need to pay for add-on(s) .pay a membership subscription or pay freelancers for services satisfactorily rendered and delivered,  you can make the purchase(s) with sufficient amount of credits  in your wallet  .Here is a faster way to fund your wallet with credits. You can make a deposit or make a transfer of the amount you want to fund your wallet with using the info below.


Bank Name : GTBank PLC ;

Account Name : Web Solutions Offshore Enterprises ;

Account Number : 0149401004 ;

After successfully paying ,text our hotline– 08101869613 -with your bank account name , post4solution username , amount you deposited and what you are paying for to have your payment applied. It goes this way :


Example 1


Bank account name= Wale Oke

Post4solution user name- WOKE,

Amount paid – N1,000

Service paid for – credit,

It should appear this way in your text message: Wale Oke, WOKE, 1000, credit


Example 2


Bank account name- IKE MARIO

User Name- IK,

Amount paid -N5,000,

Service paid for- credit

It should appear this way in your text message : IKE MARIO, IK, 5000, credit


Verification , confirmation and funding your wallet


We will need to verify from our records ( within our working hours 9.00am-5p.m Mon- Fri) that you paid, once confirmed you will receive a text message shortly, indicating the amount has been received and your wallet has been funded to the tune of the transferred amount ( e.g. 5000, 1,000). You can always verify this by visiting your finances :