Find business consultant jobs online in Nigeria using post4solution

How to get French teacher jobs online in Nigeria using post4solution


Get insight on how to get French teacher jobs online in Nigeria using post4solution. Do you need clients for your French teacher business? Work at a scheduled time on your most important projects?  Do you need a convenient platform to showcase your skills and services? Look no further. Our advertising plans take away the burden of finding & getting French teacher jobs. It advertises your French teacher profession to prospective clients on Google. When they post a job through the ad, you get a job alert, you can then engage the client for clarity and submit proposals to get hired. You can take advantage of the services we offer and use to get French teacher jobs via the platform. Below is a detailed procedure on how to get French teacher jobs online in Nigeria using post4solution



How to get French teacher jobs in Nigeria using post4solution

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  1. Visit
  2. Select the service provider option & register
  3. Login
  4. Select an advertising plan and subscribe,
  5. Click on the “Personal info Menu located by the left side of your account page and fill in your profile details.  (Just in case customers are searching for people like you, so they connect with you).
  6. Please read our article on how to attract customers here and apply the guidelines stated there to attract customers to your business.
  7. Also subscribe to receive job alerts on the “personal info” page so you are alerted anytime jobs are posted in your interest area(s).
  8. Click the Finances Menu located by the left side of your account page, then click on the Bank Transfer Details button. Fill in your bank account details (To enable you receive your payments as a freelancer)
  9. Search for jobs available. If jobs of interest are unavailable and you have signed up for the job alert service you will be instantly notified when jobs are posted and available in your interest area(s).
  10. You can also apply for jobs you are interested in by clicking the submit a proposal button on a job post.  Submitting a proposal notifies the customer about your proposal and requires you to have an active advertising plan subscription.
  11. A membership subscription enables you to submit up to 2000 proposals for a month, connect, engage your customers and get hired. You can always renew it at your convenience.





With these set of instructions carried out you have been optimized for the getting jobs process on post4solution. Good luck to you!



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