Rent or buy properties online in Nigeria using post4solution


Buy or rent a property online in Nigeria using post4solution


        This article describes on how to buy or rent a property online in Nigeria using post4solution. Post4solution is a freelance job site in Nigeria that connects customers with landlords and property owners . Need to buy or rent a property like a 4 bedroom duplex or just anyone of your choice  ? Like your looking for a property you want to rent or purchase ? Do you have projects regarding renting or buying a property urgently or soon ? Post4solution can help you reach out to landlords and property owners and assist you with your your property rental or purchase  . Post4solutions  intention is to build a property search engine and marketplace and make it easy for Nigerians to buy or rent properties . Written below describes how to buy and rent properties online in Nigeria using post4solution  :


Procedure for posting a job on post4solution

( Links highlighted  in blue enable you easily access the concerned pages. )



  1. Visit .
  2. Register
  3. Login 
  4. After logging in , if your registration details were found in your spam folder of your email, please move it to your inbox so you easily do not miss out on anything concerning info from post4solution
  5. Visit the home page .
  6. Activate your free trial membership, or pay for a membership subscription if your free trial is expired .
  7. Click the post a project button.
  8. You will be directed to your project listing page
  9. Fill in your project/ job  details
  10. After filling in the job details, you will directed to the “add-on” page. Select an add-on of your choice , if you are not interested in purchasing an add-on proceed to the next page.   For a better understanding of “add-on’s”  visit the user manual page for more info
  11. If you have selected and want to pay for any of the add-on’s , click “PAY BY CREDIT” – (  you can add credits to your account by clicking  here.)
  12. You are good to go .
  13. Your job will be posted within 24hrs after moderation, when posted it will be visible to site visitors and other users, also appropriate professionals on our alert services will be notified as regards your job. Interested professionals will submit proposals and contact you for further job details  ,you select and hire the professional that meets your requirements and pay only if you are satisfied.
  14. A membership subscription enables you to post up to 100 jobs per month , receive proposals from professionals, connect and engage them. You can always renew at your convenience.



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