It has come to effect that posting projects , submitting proposals ,sending or receiving private messages requires a membership subscription . If you are sending messages to someone and you want your messages to be delivered you are required to subscribe. If you have not made a subscription , messages sent to respective users won’t be approved or delivered and remains in moderation.


The membership fee is ₦ 500 – this  enables you post up to 1000 projects or submit up to 2000 proposals monthly , send and receive messages -for more info visit the pricing page . Before subscribing we offer a 30 days free trial.  




Procedure for a free trial


  1. Register and login to your account
  2. Visit the finances section of your account here : to activate your free trial
  3. Your free trial offers you all you get from a membership subscription and is valid for 30 days after activating it.




Procedure for membership subscription 


  1. Ensure your free trial is expired
  2. login to
  3. Visit the finances section of your account here :
  4.  You will meet this info :
    Your membership has expired. Purchase from here.
    Your Current Balance is: ₦0.00
  5. Click the here link to make a payment
  6. It takes you here :
    Monthly membership cost: ₦500.00. Use the payment methods below.
  7. Select & Click PAY BY CREDITS
  8. It leads you here :
Total to Pay ₦500.00

Your credits amount: ₦0.00




8. It leads you here :

Deposit Money

Deposit money by Voguepay

Amount to deposit:  ₦


9. Enter 500 into the text box e.g ₦ 500

10. Click the deposit button to pay
11. After making a payment you will be forwarded to a page that informs you have successfully paid .
12. . We will credit your account to the tune stated.
13. You can also credit your account to any amount entered.  You can also use your credit to pay for membership fees, pay freelancers after a successful work is completed , to pay for premium services, to post projects or submit proposals. You can add, save and grow your credit to serve you when you need them or for future use. It saves time in comparison to repeating the process over again.
 Our membership subscription assists in delivering to you quality services, jobs, priority support plus other benefits. .