Post4solution connects customers who want to hire freelance professionals. Our platform can help you hire professionals and get freelance jobs. You will need an active membership subscription to:


  • Post jobs – (enables you list your job to hire a professional)
  • Submit proposals- (enables submitting a proposal to a customer to win a job)
  • Contact anyone- (enables you send messages to any registered user)
  • Receive job alerts (recommended, instantly notifies you when jobs in your area(s) of interest are posted and available)
  • Get priority support (You get priority attention from our support staff)


The above features & more are accessible with an active membership subscription.  For more info visit the pricing page. Interested? Follow the instructions below to subscribe, next you will see links to access and use these features.


Procedure for membership subscription  

( Links highlighted  in “blue” enable you easily access the concerned pages. )


  1. Visit
  2. Register Select service provider as the user type while registering
  3. login to
  4. Visit the finances section of your account here :

  5.  If you do not have an active membership, you will see this display



    Your membership has expired. Purchase from here.

    Click on  ” Purchase from here

  6. Taking that action takes you to this display:

    Monthly membership cost: ₦1900.00. Use the payment methods below.

    Pay By Credits

    Select & Click “Pay By Credits

  7. Taking that action takes you this membership payment display :

Total to Pay  ₦1900.00

Your credits amount: ₦0.00



6. Select “ADD MORE CREDIT “ (i.e. to add  credit/funds to your wallet )

7. To buy credits please follow the instructions stated here.

8 . Revisit the membership payment display. Credits purchased will now reflect in your wallet ( e.g. N1,900)

Total to Pay  ₦1900.00

Your credits amount: ₦1900.00



click the ” PAY NOW” button.

9. After payment you will be forwarded to a page that informs you have successfully subscribed . Your remaining balance, membership subscription and  expiry date can all be viewed in your finances

Links to access membership features 


With your membership subscription now active, you have access and you can then choose to:
  • Find and apply for jobs (up to 1000 proposals) here
  • Receive tailored job alerts* here
  • Contact users* here
  • Get priority Support* here


* Service is manually controlled by post4solution and blocked if membership is not active