1. what is post4solution all about ? 

In a nutshell, post4solution is a platform that makes it easy for customers to compare and hire  experts/ professionals (freelancers )  on an agreed budget e.g  a customer can be looking for a web designer to create a web site for  him/ her. Here the customer  selects his budget of choice from a provided list  and posts the job. Any interested web designer can contact the customer or send the customer a proposal. The customer then  selects the web designer of choice who can get the website done satisfactorily . Other listed categories of  jobs can be posted on post4solution .

2. How do i get started with post4solution.com ?

Simply register and login to post4solution. While registering  if your  registration details  appear in your spam folder , its recommended to move your details from the spam folder to your inbox so you do not miss out on important notifications from customers , freelancers or from post4solution. After registering  you may need credits for a proposal to submit,  add-ons to purchase or to pay freelancers for the work done. You can get information on how to fund your account faster by clicking here.

3. I have registered , but have not been sent my login details , what’s wrong ?

If you have registered properly and you are yet to receive your login details. If you have exhausted other alternatives like “lost password” or “password recovery”,  You may need to be patient , due to filters on some free email service providers , they could identify them as spam and as a result they are delayed. If you have a business email address e.g. jide@microsoft.com, you won’t experience such delayed delivery and it appears in your” inbox” instantly  . For some , delays do not occur , for some it would take a few minutes, hours or more.  You need to check back on your email to get it.  But one thing for sure is that it will arrive. If it arrives in your “spam folder” move it to “your inbox “and identify it as “not spam” .If you you need it urgently  another alternative is create it for you manually . You can do so when you contact us. We apologize for this inconvenience as we work to resolve it.

4.  Do i need a certificate , diploma or degree to find jobs here ?

Except if the customer specifies a  certificate holder for the job, jobs apart from that require your skill and expertise to submit proposals.

5. Am a freelancer with a college degree, can i use my degree as an added advantage here ?

Yes you can . Certificates , diplomas or a degree can be used as added advantages by freelancers who possess them to further impress the customer for the job in addition to their skills.

6. How do i find jobs and apply for jobs on post4solution ?

If you are not familiar with the job finding & application process, this page here might help.

7. Can 9-4 ( Normal / Office ) jobs be posted here ?

9-4 jobs can , when you are doing so remember that freelancing is all about a one time payment thing. If you want to post a normal job it must align with that. The job can have a one time period of 9-4  work as a freelancer ( on contract )  or you can launch the job as a trial i.e. ( for a particular period of time ), set a budget (for payment to the freelancer) and  the project period to get it done (e.g. for 30 days ) . Freelancers can then submit proposals and you select your choice. You can state in the job description  that it is a trial after which if the freelancer satisfactorily performs you can extend it externally ( outside of us ) to a permanent job

8. What types of skill  set or freelancers does the designer and creatives category accommodate ?  What types of jobs and skills , do you accommodate ?

You can take a look at the general skill set and categories of  jobs that we accommodate here 

9. What’s  next ? ( For freelancers) 

If you are a freelancer do ensure you complete your user profile . Describe your skills, detail your areas of expertise and include your   portfolio.  While potential customers are searching ,freelancers can enhance their chance to win a project by having a complete user profile. Also each user has an avatar icon which they can define from their account. You can create a user profile when logged in by clicking here

10. How does it work exactly? ( For customers )

1. Post a job to get responses from different freelancers. 2. Compare the freelancers based on their info. When you find the right freelancer, contact them directly to hire them. For more info visit here

11. What kind of stuff can customers post on this site ? ( For employers )

customers can post

  1. projects e.g.  I need a website urgently, carpenter needed , programmer needed etc.
  2.  Chores  e.g.  I need to dry clean my  clothes, i need a gardener to prune my garden, i need a hair dresser e.tc
  3. Tasks e.g.  I need  documents delivered to  Mr. smith etc.
  4. jobs e.g.  Need a marketer to help me with sales. Need a private home teacher etc.

Whether you want to clean your home, dry clean your clothes, hire a private teacher or a tailor to get your dress ready for the occasion ,post4solution can help get it solved and done.

12. How do i select the project winner  ? ( For customers )


Login and visit your job or project listing ,  look out for people that have forwarded proposals for your project -they appear below the project listing. Select a project winner by clicking on the professional of choice from the list . After doing this you will be forwarded to the escrow page. You are required to purchase the equivalent amount of credits for the project cost and transfer the credits to your escrow till the job is completed and you are ready to pay the project winner.

13. How do i pay the project winner ? (  For Customers )

When the project is completed and you are satisfied with the work done, you can release the  credits from your escrow to the  freelancer’s wallet. The credits can later be withdrawn as cash by the freelancer.

15. How do i view financial transactions that occured on my account ?


  1. Click on My Account 
  2. Click on finances
  3. Click on the Transaction Button Below
  4. Here you can view all  your financial transactions that took place on your account .

16. What is the escrow process and how does this work ?

Once the project winner has been selected by a customer , he/she is to pay the agreed fee in the form of credits into the escrow.  Here, the virtual currency  is kept there until the project is completed by the freelancer, When the project is completed and delivered by the freelancer , the freelancer marks the project as delivered from his/her account area. . From here the ball rests on the Customers court . If satisfied with the project work that was delivered, the Customers , from his/her  account area, marks the project as completed , the freelancer will be notified about this action. After that, the employer  pays the freelancer for the project from the outstanding payment section of his/her account. Releasing the credits from the escrow to the freelancers wallet (Finances) at the click of a button

17. How do i receive payment as a freelancer ? ( For freelancers )

Your required to fill in your bank account transfer details  to receive payment as a freelancer or affiliate . You need to  register, login and visit the bank transfer page  here. You get payment to your wallet once the customer is satisfied with the work done and transfers  payment in credits. The virtual money (credits ) is transferred to the freelancers wallet (finances). The transfer to bank account process takes within 24 hrs. after a payment request on our working days. The amount of credits you want transferred to your bank account as cash  must equally be stated.  You can also make withdrawals using the form here .

18. Can i operate as both an customer and freelancer with the same account  ?

Yes you can .

19. I just sent a private message ,  how or when will it be approved ?


Note that all messages between customers and freelancers are screened before approval. Private messages will not  be approved if its  discovered that :

1. You did not submit a proposal to the customer- ( It is required that you submit your proposal before attempting to contact a customer). Private messages forwarded to the customer will not be delivered if you do not follow this principle,

Any attempt to bypass the escrow process & default method of payment ( Via our bank transfer or payment gateway options ) by soliciting a customer to pay into your bank account or by any other means will result to an account ban.

20. Can i extend my project life span ?

Yes you can . The normal life span of a project is 365 days. To extend it please contact us.

21. If i extend my project life span will i have to pay again for the add-0n(s) then applied to my project ?

No, your extension  covers all

21. Want do i note when about to pay by voguepay  ?

Ensure you use the same e-mail address for your post4solution account with your voguepay processing info.

Before payment ,note your transaction id- Its something like this e.g Ref : 5edada6329d73 for verification purposes

22. What does credit and a wallet mean ?

Credit can be described as a virtual currency  used for business transactions on the site.  It’s  used in the payment of membership fees, payment for premium services also for paying freelancers for work done . Here physical cash is needed and used to purchase credit which in turn is used for transactions on the site. e.g The premium service – Hide project from search engine for example costs N 1,000; you need to purchase a credit of N 1,000 to make a payment for the premium service. When a credit is purchased and applied it reflects on the users finances and the loaded credit can be used for the payment.  Credit earned by freelancers after work is completed, is convertible to physical cash and can be withdrawn from an ATM machine. Credit is stored in a virtual chamber called a wallet. From your wallet you can spend your credit on site purchases of choice

23. How do i purchase credit ?

You can purchase credit using voguepay or bank transfer

Purchasing credit  (funding your wallet) via voguepay

  • Visit the finances section of your account.
  • Click the Deposit money button below
  • Enter the amount you want to credit ( N 500 and multiples of )
  • Before payment ,note your transaction id- Its something like this e.g Ref : 5edada6329d73 for verification purposes
  • Ensure you use the same email address registered on your post4solution account
  • Make a payment
  • After payment you will be forwarded to a page that informs you have successfully paid . You need to apply the instruction on the success page to enable us to credit your account to the entered amount. You can add, save and grow your credit to serve you when you need them or for future use. It saves time in comparison to repeating the process over again.


Purchasing  credit (funding your wallet) via bank deposit and transfer

Here is a faster way to fund your wallet purchasing credits. Make a transfer of the amount you want to credit your account with


Bank Name : GTBank PLC ;

Account Name : Web Solutions Offshore Enterprises ;

Account Number : 0149401004 ;

After successfully paying ,text our hotline– 08101869613 -with your bank account name, post4solution username and amount you deposited and what you are paying for  to have your payment applied


Bank Account Name- Nonso Kalu

User Name- Nonso,

Amount paid – N1,000

Service paid for – credit,

It should appear this way in your text message: Nonso Kalu, Nonso, 1000, credit


Bank Account Name – Tope Smith

User Name- Topsy,

Amount paid -N5,000,

Service paid for- credit

It should appear this way in your text message : Tope Smith, Topsy, 5000, credit


If successful paying , we will need to verify from our records  , after verifying you will receive a text message shortly, indicating the amount has been received and your wallet has been funded to the tune of  transferred amount ( e.g 5000, 1,000). You can always verify this by visiting your finances : https://post4solution.com/my-account/finances/

24. When are you available ?

We are available on Monday to Friday , 9.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m

25. How do i contact you ?

Use the contact form on our contact us page or send an email to support@post4solution.com







How to post a project, chore, task or job you need solved and done successfully


  1. Visit www.post4solution.com .
  2. Register- You can do this  here
  3. Login here- You can do this here
  4. After logging in , if your registration details was found in your spam folder of your email, please move it to your inbox so you easily do not miss out on anything concerning info from post4solution
  5. Visit the home page – do this here
  6. Click the post a project button
  7.  Or click the post new link.
  8. You will be directed to the project listing page ( Posting a job is free ! )
  9. Fill in your project details
  10. After filling in, you will directed to the “add-on” page. Select an add-on of your choice , if you are not interested in purchasing an add-on proceed to the next page.   For a better understanding of “add-on’s”  visit the user manual page for more info
  11. If you have selected and want to pay for any of the add-on’s , click “PAY BY CREDIT” –you can pay using credit by clicking  here.
  12. You are good to go .
  13. Your job will be posted within 24hrs after moderation.


For ease of business please add your business or residential address in the project description box after your project details.


Projects here have  a life span of 365 days.



Add-ons ( optional/ premium services)

When posting there are add-ons available

Option 1: Feature your project ,

The posted project here is eye catching . It enables your project stand out from the rest . It will always appear on top of all other projects, meaning after a few days your project will not sink to the bottom of the listing!

Also your project appears

  • on the slide show,
  • our user guide/ manual,
  • Home page top list
  • other pages.  . Featured projects have a life span  for 365 days.


Option 2: Sealed bidding

. Don’t want  freelancers bids displayed publicly on your project ?  Selecting this option will hide the bids, so it won’t be seen by the public.


Option 3: Hide your project from search engines .

Don’t want your project to be seen on the web and search engines like Google , Bing , Yahoo or Yandex . Selecting this option will  make your project not to be seen or available on the web.







If you are a freelancer and after contacting the customer you may decide to summit a proposal if its time to. Click the project you are interested in and select the Submit a proposal button. Fill in the requirements and click the place bid button.



How to find freelance experts on post4solution.

  • Login on post4solution.com
  • Visit your account ( You can do this here )
  • Visit the provider search page / menu ( You can do this here )
  • Browse and select a freelancer of choice



How to find  jobs/ projects/ employers on post4solution.com

  • login on post4solution.com
  • Visit your account ( You can do this here )
  • Visit the project search page/ menu ( You can do this here )
  • Browse and select a project of choice


How to attract customers  = complete your user profile

Each freelancer user has his own profile with overview information, received feedback’s, stats about their activity and portfolio pictures. Before they can bid the projects the freelancers can enhance their chance to win a project by having a complete user profile. Also each user has an avatar icon which they can define from their account. You can do this here



Setting up your finances

Please visit the finance section of this website. You can login and access your finance dashboard  by clicking here 


Here you can :


  • Click the Deposit money button to buy credits to fund your account
  • Click the escrow button to make an escrow payment
  • Click the withdraw money button to request a money withdrawal
  • Click the transactions button to view your payment transactions
  • Click the Bank transfer button & enter your bank account details to receive payment as a freelancer or affiliate
  • Click the milestone payments button to create a milestone payment
  • Click the make payment button to make payments to  a freelancer



 Our membership subscription assists in delivering to you quality services, jobs, priority support plus other benefits. .





If  a topic of interest is not listed here , don’t worry ,we will be updating this page regularly . Please contact us as soon as possible to assist you all the way for clarifications.


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