How to post a project, chore, task or job you need solved and done successfully


Step 1 : Visit 


Step 2 :Before posting a project ensure you are registered & logged in . Login with your valid username and pass word

Step 3 : Select the Post New  ( button / menu ) here

Step 4 : Enter  details and describe the project , chore, task or job you want solved and done.

Step  5:   Enter an image if you  have one

Step 6 :proceed to the next stage , submit your project


NOTE ! : AVOID ENTERING  your street address number ,  to proceed to the next step keep your address  simple by entering your city, state and country only . For example if your address is 1, Somolu drive, Victoria island,  Lagos , Nigeria. Simply enter Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria only as your address.


Projects here have  a life span of 365 days.



Add-ons ( optional)

When posting there are add-ons available

Option 1: Feature your project ,

The posted project here is eye catching . It enables your project stand out from the rest . It will always appear on top of all other projects, meaning after a few days your project will not sink to the bottom of the listing!

Also your project appears

  • on the slide show,
  • our user guide/ manual,
  • Home page top list
  • other pages.  . Featured projects have a life span  for 365 days.


Option 2: Sealed bidding

. Don’t want  bids displayed publicly?  Selecting this option will hide your bids, so it won’t be seen by  the public.


Option 3: Hide your project from search engines .

Don’t want your project to be seen on the web and search engines like Google , Bing or Yandex .Selecting this option will  make your project not to be seen or available on the web.





How to purchase credits for use with your account. 

Credit is a purchased virtual currency used as cash for transactions to pay for things like  membership fees, payment to freelancers for projects completed. Employers can pay for projects completed using credit and freelancers can withdraw and convert to physical cash the credit they earned. Below are the steps to take as regards purchasing credits


  • Visit the finances section of your account.
  • Click the Deposit money button
  • Enter the amount you want to credit ( N 500 and multiples of )
  • Make a payment
  • Your account will be credited to the entered amount.



How to apply for a project

If you are a freelancer and after contacting the employer you may decide to summit a proposal if its time to. Click the project you are interested in and select the Submit a proposal button. Fill in the requirements and click the place bid button.



How to find freelance experts on post4solution.

  • Login on
  • Visit your account ( You can do this here )
  • Visit the provider search page / menu ( You can do this here )
  • Browse and select a freelancer of choice



How to find  jobs/ projects/ employers on

  • login on
  • Visit your account ( You can do this here )
  • Visit the project search page/ menu ( You can do this here )
  • Browse and select a project of choice


How to attract employers  = complete your user profile

Each freelancer user has his own profile with overview information, received feedback’s, stats about their activity and portfolio pictures. Before they can bid the projects the freelancers can enhance their chance to win a project by having a complete user profile. Also each user has an avatar icon which they can define from their account. You can do this here



Setting up your finances

Please visit the finance section of this website. You can login and access your finance dashboard  by clicking here 


Here you can :


  • Click the Deposit money button to buy credits to fund your account
  • Click the escrow button to make an escrow payment
  • Click the withdraw money button to request a money withdrawal
  • Click the transactions button to view your payment transactions
  • Click the Bank transfer button & enter your bank account details to receive payment as a freelancer or affiliate
  • Click the milestone payments button to create a milestone payment
  • Click the make payment button to make payments to  a freelancer



How to subscribe for membership

Full functionality  of the site and access to content could require you subscribing by paying a membership fee. You can always find out if you are eligible for membership fee payment by visiting our pricing page here. In case this happens here is how to go about it.


  • If you are submitting a proposal as a freelancer or your posting a project as an employer and you come across this notice-

‘Your membership has expired. You need to renew your subscription. Click here.

  1.  Click the click here link.
  2. The response is this :   Membership/Subscription
    Your membership has expired. Purchase from here
  3. Click the purchase from here link.
  4. This leads you here:  Monthly membership cost: ₦500.00. Use the payment methods below.
  5. Click the pay by credit button.
  6. Select the add more credit button (if you do not have enough credit ) and then

    Deposit money by Voguepay

    Amount to deposit:  ₦

    Enter 500. i.e ₦ 500 is the amount to deposit and click the deposit button to credit your account with the entered amount.

    If you can’t  access the payment page go back to the previous URL and try again or keep trying until you get it.



Affiliate program

We are currently on a new affiliate program application as the former is to be phased out. If  you are still on the former application  ,you are required to apply here to access your new dashboard ( virtual office ) . You can learn more here. 



If  a topic of interest is not listed here , don’t worry ,we will be updating this page regularly . Please contact us as soon as possible to assist you all the way for clarifications.


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