Make money today online in Nigeria using post4solution.


Make money online in Nigeria today using post4solution


Get insight on how you can make money online in Nigeria today using post4solution. Post4solution is a freelance job site connecting employers to freelancers. Enabling employers hire the right professionals to get their projects done. You can make money  online in Nigeria today using post4solution -Here are programs you can participate in to earn money on post4solution :



1. Post4solution Freelancing

2. Post4solution Affiliate program

3. Post4solution Service retail partnership program

4. Post4solution Part-time jobs

Lets elaborate further :



1. Freelancing :

Here you can join post4solution as a freelancer to submit proposals to employers on jobs you are interested in to get hired . If you are interested ,learn more here



2. Affiliate program :

Works best for those who own websites and want to make money using it . Here you can place an affiliate link  on your site and earn a commission when the person that clicks the affiliate link makes a  purchase on post4solution. Post4solution offers a 60% commission per proposal/bid payment and on  add-on’s. You can view your affiliate link when you login and click on your affiliate dashboard . Learn more here



3. Part-time jobs :

Up and mobile . here you promote and market our services to others physically and earn commissions when service purchases are made. Come’s with perks on outstanding performances . You can learn more here



4. Post4solution service retail partnership program.

Best for those that want to retail our services physically at a particular location. e.g. in an office , shop or space

Details and registration are below



Post4solution service retail partnership program

Start your own post4solution service retail business and earn some money each time a person you refer posts a job or applies for a job on post4solution . Posting  a job/projects is free of charge for your referrals, and you are paid for it when they post jobs. You also earn  per referral job application- when your referral applies for a job on our site  ( Jobs with sealed bidding  do not qualify you for this ) .You are required to keep a record of  the usernames of your referrals and their actions for verification and confirmation purposes.




  • A shop , office or space
  • Chairs and a table
  • Stationeries- Exercise book, pen , ruler etc.
  • Laptop with internet connection or smart phone
  • Human traffic across your office ,shop or space
  • Sign board- A  noticeable signboard advertisement with an appropriate caption  to direct  human traffic to your shop, office or space.



How it works

  • Setup your office ,shop or space.
  • Put a sign board advertisement  visible to human traffic. e.g a sign post with the caption – “Post freelance jobs and apply for freelance jobs online here” or any caption that best describes the business.
  • People come to you and you refer them to post a job or apply for jobs on our site
  • You assist them on our site for any of the two actions.
  • Record your customers  name , website  username , phone number and action taken on our site
  • Submit the record to us including the action taken by the referred
  • Only jobs and submitted proposals which align with our requirements are considered for  approval
  • Get paid after a successful verification and confirmation exercise.
  • You are free to use your office , shop or space for other businesses of interest in addition to this



Offer our services to your customers at website prices

You offer our services to your customers at our website prices


Earn on free services

Earn whenever your referral posts a job . Your referral here pays nothing to post a job on post4solution.


Supports all job categories

This program is for all job categories.



Get paid the same day you submit results/records

If you make submissions of usernames within our working hours you are paid the same day. If you make submissions after our working hours, you are paid when we resume.


Use shop , office or space  for other businesses of interest

Other businesses can be supplemented with this business using your office ,shop or space. If for example you run a business center, you can also start this business in addition to that in your office , shop  or space or even a recharge card retail business.


 Your earnings


Job posting

Job posting is free on post4solution , you are to offer it free to your customers and we pay you N100 per job posted


Job application

Job application is a paid service . You earn N800  per application submitted by your referral




Featured job

Featured job is a paid service. You earn N1,000 per featured job.


Hide job from search engines

Hide job from search engines is a  paid service, You earn N500 per hide job from search engines.


Sealed bidding

Sealed bidding is  a paid service  You earn N1,000 per sealed bid.




We are here for you

We are ready to assist you grow , contact us at any time for this purpose





Fill in your Name
Fill in your E-mail address
State your age - how old you are .
Fill in your phone number
Enter the address of your house or home
Enter the address of your office or shop to use for the business
Enter bank account details to enable you receive payment from your bank account.
E.g if you choose to work from Lagos select Lagos
Enter your National Identification Number
Can you deliver marketing our services. Answer with a Yes or No
You must truthfully answer this question

Forward a means of  identification ( It should either be a visible and clear photocopy of a valid international Passport, NIN Identity Card or a Drivers license) with your full name to while submitting this registration form.

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