Post4solution mobile affiliate marketing program

Get paid N500 for each person you refer that  posts a job on our site .. .You can keep a record of  the usernames of your referrals for verification and confirmation purposes.





How it works

Posting a job is free for first timers.  You can refer through WhatsApp ,word of mouth  or a legal channel convenient for you. Here you direct your clients to post jobs on our site. . You follow up their actions and keep a record of the usernames ,phone numbers of your customers.




  • Procedure

  1. Refer an customer to post4solution
  2. Get them to register and login
  3. Get them to activate a free trial or pay for a membership subscription
  4. Get them to post a job
  5. We connect them to the appropriate freelance professionals.
  6. They hire
  7. Share this post with your clients to assist them with the process ( For Marketing Purposes )


Earn N500 per membership subscription. Your referrals are entiled to post up to 100 jobs for 1 month for free  or  with membership subscription after the free trial expires. Once the free trial expires your referrals are required to pay for a membership to continue posting jobs on our site. You get paid N1,000 as  commission per job posted if  your referral has a paid membership ( which lasts 30 days ). Only genuine jobs from genuine customers qualify for payment,






Earn as our affiliate

If you get 4 posted jobs  in a day you earn N2,000/day  ( On free job posting ) ,in a month you earn N60,000. Get 4 posted jobs in a day and  you earn N4,000/ day  ( On  paid Membership ) , in a month you earn N120,000 .





Earn monthly with less marketing stress

You can also get back to your existing subscribers to renew their membership for the new month and earn on that.






We support a wide range of job categories

From agriculture and farming ,  to writing and translation , referrals can post  to these job categories







It’s easy to learn

Our procedure is not a difficult one to learn , you are briefed and you proceed






We pay into your bank account

We pay directly into your bank account to enable you withdraw with an ATM





We are here for you

Need some help and assistance ?  We are ready to help , you can always contact us for a resolution .






About us

Post4solution is an online marketplace that connects customers with freelance professionals in Nigeria.




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State your age - how old you are .
Fill in your phone number
Enter the address of your house or home
Enter bank account details to enable you receive payment from your bank account.
E.g if you choose to work from Lagos select Lagos
Select at least 1 category .