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Employer plan
Stand out with our employer plan.
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Post jobs (up to 100 jobs)
Edit and publish profile*
Receive proposals from professionals
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Pay only when satisfied
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Professional Plan
NGN 19,900
Stand out with our professional plan
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Receive job milestone notifications
Receive private messages from client*
No commission deducted
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Potentially get hired up to 20 times
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*This membership feature is offered free of charge to a registered user.



Add-ons ( Optional ): 


Featured project : ₦ 10,000**

Hide project from search engines : ₦ 5,000**

Sealed bidding : ₦9,000**





Commission taken per deal :


Fee Taken out of Each Project: 0 %



**Cost of add-on when applied to the project listing,


Project listings come with a life span of 365 days, but can be extended when contacted.

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