Investing in Dogecoin
Project closed for price: ₦100,000.00
Project Description

Interested in buying dogecoin on a budget of N83,400 and making it available on my request but am not so crypto knowledgeable, I’ll need some basic tutoring with the assistance of an experienced dogecoin specialist.

24-Oct-2021 13:01:05
35 days
Project Winner
You will learn from me what you need to know on investing in crypto\'s as a beginner , including dogecoin. I am very patient with my students and my goal is to teach you so you come better informed to make investment decisions with out the aid of an expert. Will be adding value and nothing else that\'s the reason why my bid is beyond your budget.
05-Jul-2021 01:22:50
9 days
I will get you started on blockchain and cryptos particularly dogecoin. Do you want to purchase dogecoin ?how many do you need ?
02-Jul-2021 00:28:24
5 days
Can assist you.
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