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My Names are Efuribe Aaron Ndubisi. I reside in Lagos, Nigeria. I am a chartered Accountant with a reputation as an auditor with small scale firm in my locality.
While auditing or performing accounting functions, I always try as much as possible to write stories about everyday living during my working career.
However, my knack for writing always led me ahead though I have written several educational books related to finance and accounts. Some of the Books include “ How to prevent your employees from defrauding you ‘’ ‘’How to Audit your account without hiring an auditor’’ (I wrote this book especially for employers of labor)
The books I wrote was published through my personal Facebook page and twitter handle and the review I got was heartwarming.
Presently I decided to harness my expertise fully. My expertise is the ability to observe intently events around me and arrange it into a beautiful and well researched short story for the reader to be informed. For the past 2 months I have been working on various works that will benefit my readers and I am so happy that I have finished and publish my first work “Squeezing water out of stone “This is my first major work and I am thrilled to be publishing it. The stories center on the need to continue to raise awareness against the discrimination of HIV patients in our society. I observed that in the few years that the Virus was discovered, the campaign was almost everywhere but lately it has nosedived and I have witnessed instances of discrimination against HIV patient. My story centers on a beautiful couple that weathered the storm inspite of the lady being diagnosed with HIV. It’s a MUST read.
I have written other stories such as “Purple Ribbon” (Story that center on the need to continue to raise awareness against indiscriminate killing of animals for ritual, pleasure or scientific purposes)
‘’Testing the depth of the water with both feet’’( Stories that is geared toward young ladies about the consequences of breast augmentation and enlargement). ‘’ Remembering my Sobibor’ (My life story when the plane I boarded almost crashed. The story analyses the 15 minutes of ‘’HELL” experienced by me). ‘’When the sun is cold’’ (Story that is geared to those who always have suicidal thoughts in their mind) I have a host of other stories I am working on.
During the weekend I participate with my spiritual brothers and sister in expanding God kingdom message to people. I am a Jehovah witness.
I am married with three children.
I am looking forward to you reviewing my story and consummating a business relationship with me.
Thank you for your time and thoughtful consideration. I hope to hear from you soon.
Efuribe Aaron

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