How to post a project

Ensure your  a registered contractor ( employer )

1. login .

2. Visit the  post a project button on the home page

3 . Fill in the required details.



. As for your address. AVOID entering your street  address .e.g  360, Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria If you do so you may get this response = Your google key is not correct or is not enabled for geocoding api


If this occurs . Make your address as short as possible and avoid entering your street number address.   Enter your city, state, and country only or  make it 3 words seperated by commas. For example if your address is 360, Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.   Enter only Yaba, lagos , Nigeria.



#if your street address is included you will still get this response= Your google key is not correct or is not enabled for geocoding api. To avoid this enter your city , state, and country only. Enter the rest to complete your posting.


 Options :

Note that posting a project is free. We may include premium services on our options list which may involve a purchase.

This may include :

  1. Sealed bids : to hide your bids from the public
  2. .Hide project from search engines : If you do not want your project seen on search engines e.g Google
  3. .Feature your project : gets your project on priority and  seen before free listings .Your project is also displayed on our home page (slider) , blog posts and pages.

premium services in this case , ranges within N 1,000 to N 1,500

After your through . The admin has to approve it. This should take less than 4 hours before its  goes live. Hope this helps. Will be writing more posts like this soon. Enjoy your project posting !