Why Nigerian businesses should hire freelancers online

Nigeria, a country of about 200 million people has the largest economy in Africa. The unemployed would require a  source of income or an alternative method  to compliment their income to sustain their lives by the day. It is a fact that regular jobs that pay  but are not easy to get. There comes the entrepreneurial spirit to sustain your lively hood  a step further.  Many graduates in Nigeria from respectable schools and institutions   have challenges securing good jobs that meets their expectations. Here self-employment or being a business owner becomes the next strategy many Nigerians apply to to beat unemployment

But with the very few employed in regular jobs, many do indulge in a business side hustle to get a source of income  , compliment their income, or others are just thinking of putting their skills in to good use.  Here comes the term small and medium scale enterprises; where business owners can start businesses with low capital. Others who don’t have capital to start a business need to learn a skill to enter the services sector of the country, It could mean working as skilled self employed person  or as a freelancer. Here freelancers with skills provide services  and get paid  by people and businesses.

               Freelancing started a long time ago, but with access to the internet it has become more efficient and cost effective , knowledge is gradually shaping this endeavor as the next big thing to happen digitally or otherwise for self employed people ,job seekers or business owners  . Why Nigerian businesses should hire freelancers online is because online platforms are built to optimize job opportunities , make doing business easier and save cost when connecting employers to suitable  freelancers in Nigeria

               Post4solution supports and provides a platform where graduates , skilled and talented people can source for jobs ,earn an  income or to compliment their income. It also provides a platform for employers and customers to post projects ,connect with freelancers to get the job done. The  platform offers a diverse job category range and niche of freelance jobs; Apart from the skill set required to earn as a freelancer, Post4solution also supports academic graduates job listings e.g electrical engineers, medical doctors , nurses ,  marketers e.t.c . It also supports  any type of  job involving the employer selecting a budget for the project and a deadline for freelancer proposal


Here are some reasons why Nigerian businesses should hire freelancers online


With freelancers around its needs a platform to support their services


  • It’s cheaper on the long term for employers. It means no salaries, allowances ,extra costs involved
  • It saves time
  • It’s faster, as freelancers stick to your deadline to deliver
  • A regular job alternative-We also accommodate the listing of the freelance equivalent of most regular graduate jobs at post4solution- You can hire Freelance Graduates and skilled  freelancers  when jobs are posted on the site
  • The freelance platform helps you source and select talent as you post your project. Compare and select best talent by visiting reviews.
  • It specifies a budget range the business owner can afford using the platform. While interested freelancers post proposals..
  • You can work as both an employer and freelancer when registered and cost effectively using  post4solution .
  • Freelancers  perform better because a freelancers has to satisfy an employer before getting paid. This enables  freelancers to enjoy more ratings and larger audience due to track performance
  • Promotion and marketing your project :When you post your project as an employer on post4solution, your project automatically alerts  appropriate freelancers on the platform to bid and submit proposals.  Freelancers & service providers on post4solution get notified by e-mail when ever a project is posted in their interest area.
  • We are getting better by the day.
  • Transactions are in Naira terms. Post4solution supports and uses Naira transactions.  No need to sort for scarce US Dollars and Its cheaper .
  •  As regards post4solution : It supports a large range of  different job types and categories .Employers with broad interests can post jobs on the site .
  • Employers can always freely communicate with the freelancer any time till the job is done .
  • With the unemployment situation in the country , freelancers in Nigeria will gladly take on your projects affordably as an employer.
  • Easy to track a freelancers service delivery performance
  • Your funds are secure incase your job has been done and your not satisfied with the job, you are refunded
  • Healthy way to engage with other users , especially with the covid-19 pandemic
  • Less stressful and more convenient than searching for skilled freelancers physically
  • Its a lot cheaper for the freelancers to source for jobs online, than to rent an office space else where there by making it attractive for freelancers. This creates a large competitive market for skilled freelances , helping you source from a large pool.



To summarize the post above, the primary reason why Nigerian businesses should hire freelancers online is that it  connects business owners with appropriate freelance experts or service providers at a cheaper & faster rate. To find your project solutions  and get started hiring online in Nigeria visit


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